Screen_Shot_2019-10-30_at_7.57.43_PMA road traffic accident which transpired shortly after 10:00 last night has claimed the life of well-known Orange Walkeno and UDP political associate… forty-one-year-old Nelson Ayuso, affectionately known by relatives, colleagues and the wider community as ‘Rottweiler”.

Reports are that Ayuso was seated at the passenger’s side of a blue sierra pickup driven at the time by building contractor, Imer Hernandez at the time of the accident. We understand the men were returning from Chetumal, Quintana Roo enroute to San Ignacio Town when Hernandez reportedly lost control of the vehicle near miles 55 and 56 on the George Price highway between the villages of Ontario and Blackman Eddy in the Cayo District.

As a result, the vehicle ran across a drain and ended up on a heap of rocks. Hernandez sustained only minor injuries, whilst Ayuso died of impact.

Today we spoke to Ayuso’s only daughter, Kayla Ayuso, who says she received the tragic news of her father’s passing in the wee hours of this morning.

Kayla Ayuso – Daughter

“I got the news around 4:00/4:30am in the morning, I got a call saying that, all what I heard is that he died, I didn’t know why until recently they told me that he was involved in a car accident around Ontario Village and that’s all I know so far that about that.”


“Do you recall what was your last conversation like?”

Kayla Ayuso – Daughter

“Yeah, we were talking about their favorite movie and just remembering the old times when he would sing and what he loves to do and things like that.”

While she has only been able to gather few details surrounding the accident, Kayla says she last saw her father several months ago and recalls their conversation vividly.

Kayla Ayuso – Daughter

“I saw him a couple of months back and I talked to him about some months ago but didn’t had much time to talk to him and things like that. He wasn’t shy to the camera everyone knew him from doing commercials to singing to being out there with politics and he was very vocal and he was a very loving person and I can speak for everyone, he was nice although he had his little ways but everyone does and he was just a most loving person, he might have his spells but I love his so much and he was a good father.”

For Ayuso’s close friend, Dean Samuels, the news of his untimely passing came as a complete shock.

Dean Samuels – Friend

“Initially when I heard it I was figuring out maybe more a health issue than but to hear it’s an accident its really disheartening and make you realize that life is so short and you must love and treasure everybody basically that is close to you basically. Nobody knows the minute or the hour. It come as a shock to me personally because my relationship with Nelson like what I say comes from politics and he from we met we share a personal relationship deeper than just politics a friendship like a brotherhood me and Nelson shared in the sense that he had always supported me, always verbally, behind the scene or physically he is there for me and that is what I love about Nelson, he always called and give positive advise, had his little ways because its Nelson but this is what we love about him because the good about him overshadowing anything and for that I am going to miss him the loyalty and the friendship that this guy gave.”

Ayuso as previously mentioned, is well-known for his involvement in politics as he was an affiliate of the United Democratic Party. He also starred in various commercials and also sung with several local bands at popular events held across the country.

Nelson Ayuso will be laid to rest later this week on Friday November 1st.

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