In September of last year, the media blew the lid open on the allegations of rank corruption at the Social Investment Fund – allegations of rampant corruption that had surfaced, including accusations of extortion within the Social Investment Fund connected to a botched $1.3 million renovation project that was to be carried out at the Dangriga Town Market as part of the Municipal Development Project. Since then, four staffers were given the boot including Public Relations officer Mike Hernandez and Executive Director Daniel Cano. And while we told you of their replacements on Tuesday, yesterday at the inauguration of the Guinea Grass Multi-purpose Community Center and Library, we managed to get a comment from newly assigned executive director of the Social Investment Fund, William Lamb. Lamb says his goal is to carry out the projects assigned to SIF with much transparency.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-13_at_8.12.50_PMWilliam Lamb– Executive Director, Social investment Fund

“Definitely, we want to promote transparency and accountability on what we do and carrying out the projects as set out by the grants and agreements that come through the World Bank and CDB and the community of Belize.  All of these projects are put together with community interaction and involvement.  My integrity and the past, my intent to ensure that transparency continues and is maintained throughout all the projects that we are doing and the entire implementation social sector that we are doing.  The intent is to get these projects done to meet and the poverty alleviation are set out in SIF portfolio and definitely with that in mind time is the factor that will tell, I can only bring what I have in terms of the integrity and with this staff which are very good with what they do which are very committed to do what they are doing to help Belize deal with poverty.”

As we reported on Tuesday, Selwyn King has taken up the post of Public Relations Officer at the Social Investment Fund.

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