Screen_Shot_2014-03-12_at_8.10.58_PMMuch like the release issued by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Belize City-Belmopan opposing to the 20,000K strong women’s empowerment rally, a similar release is being circulated to the local managers, administrators, principals and teachers who share common catholic missions.


The release is causing quite a controversy at the helm of the Catholic Diocese as it emphatically states and we quote “I write to you as Bishop to remind you that organizations whose activities and positions are actively opposed to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church and which endanger the souls of people of God cannot be welcomed under any circumstances in our schools. These organizations often present themselves as champion s of some apparent good whether it be to educate on sexuality and reproductive rights, AIDS or to administer certain medical treatments or shots to our children. Of much scrutiny from the catholic Diocese if organization such as the Belize Family Planning Association (BFLA), UNIBAM, the National Aids Commission or the Red Cross program of ‘Together we can’ foster programs that ultimately undermine our catholic values. BFLA, the operational arm in Belize of International Planned Parenthood, is an instrument of the most serious crimes against life and our Christian morality.” End of quote.

The underlying premise of the release is that it is demanding of the schools with catholic missions to decline any and all association with these organizations.


And while the news came to the teachers and principals as an unwavering stance, the release did not sit well with the organizations listed, the National Aids Commission sent out a response today stating that the Most Reverend Bishop Dorick Wright has been misinformed about NAC’s mission and work.

The release states “The NAC is comprised of representatives of government agencies and Civil Society involved in prevention, care and treatment interventions for HIV/AIDS. It includes the nominated representatives of the Belize Council of Churches and other faith based organizations such as Hand-in-Hand Ministries, Claret Care and others. ….This evidence-based and non-judgmental response conforms to Christian teaching and recognized medical ethics standards and has produced a dramatic reduction in new cases of infection and greatly improved survival rates and quality of life for those persons who are already infected,’ end quote.

It is of note that many are questioning the legitimacy of the Catholic Diocese sent release since it was not signed as was the previous one sent out opposing to the women’s rally. We’ll keep following this story.

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