Belize City, February 15, 2011

By Carla Bradley

At last week’s press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow did his utmost best to distance himself from having any influence whatsoever over the granting of a large oil concession to his nephew, Kimano Barrow.  But with so many Barrows enjoying the perks of big-time appointments, the PM is having a hard time selling that story.

Meanwhile, there’s startling information regarding Kimano Barrow’s oil concession.  The license which was owned by Barrow and Alfredo Acosta is no longer Kimano’s nor Acosta’s, or let us say not fully theirs.  New interests have suddenly entered the picture and have taken over.

Documents show that on February 4th 2011 a general meeting of the shareholders (Barrow and Acosta) of Paradise Energy Limited duly convened and held in Orange Walk Town elected four new directors of Paradise Energy Limited which are U.S. nationals Oren F. Miles, Oren F. Miles II, Allen L. Saum and one Erubiel Ku.

Saum is no stranger to the Belize scene, as back in 2007 he claimed that he was forced to pay money to acquire a PSA license agreement.  Following the accusation his uncle, Oren F. Miles, went public against his relative, maintaining that Saum had no legal right to represent him or his company, Miles Tropical Energy Limited.

On February 7th just three days after the new directors were added, documents were filed to make them the new MAJORITY shareholders of Paradise Energy Limited.  The new documents show that as of February 7th, Miles Tropical Energy Limited, owns 3,000 shares in Paradise Energy.  They now overshadow Acosta and Barrow’s one share each.

Coincidentally, Miles Tropical Energy is already an operating oil company in Belize.  Headed by Oren Miles, they have a license to explore both offshore and onshore.

And here is where it all gets very interesting.  Documents obtained by the BELIZE TIMES also indicated that Paradise Energy’s original owners, Barrow and Acosta, are also minority shareholders in Miles Tropical Energy Limited.

What do all these changes mean? And why all of a sudden foreigners become the “real” owners of Paradise?  Was Kimano Barrow fronting for foreign interests all along?  Those are questions that need answers.  To be continued….

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