no_imageThe Belize Tourism Board (BTB) published its recent statistics for the first half of 2019 which reflects an outstanding and continuous increase in overnight as well as cruise ship arrivals in Belize…placing the Jewel as a quote unquote, “favorite vacation paradise” and highlighting the BTB and industry stakeholders’ joint effective marketing strategy in promoting Belize as a leading tourism destination.

Figures for mid-2019 in the area of overnight visitors illustrate that at the end of the second quarter, there was a cumulative increase of six percent in overnight tourist arrivals this year. In light of the approaching off-season, June saw a minor dip of approximately 400 visitors compared to 2018. Statistics show that at midyear, 284,576 visitors were recorded.

As for figures regarding cruise ship arrivals, while June reflected an approximate 18,000 less in cruise visitors in comparison to last year; the first half of 2019 cruise passenger arrivals totaled an approximate 700,000 visitors, reflecting a 10.8% rise over 2018. Moreover, there were 7 more cruise ship calls in comparison to 2018.

In the release issued by the BTB it also announced that the BTB has completed the 2018 Travel & Tourism Statistics Digest, which is a yearly compilation of statistics on the Tourism Industry of Belize which can be viewed online.

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