Screen_Shot_2019-07-02_at_7.48.48_PMThe harvesting of onions here in Belize usually commences in the month of February but year after year an overabundance of imported and smuggled goods in today’s market which are normally sold at a much more inferior price affect the sale of the local product. While it seems the problem of contraband is uncontainable, the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation and the Ministry of Agriculture Extension Service is asking the public to refrain from purchasing contraband onions. These two entities we understand recently completed the yearly Onion Availability Assessment on Friday, June 28th, 2019. During this assessment, three major onion-producing communities were visited, namely, Maskall village in the Belize District and the Little Belize and Neuland settlements in the Corozal District.

Results of the assessment reveals that there is an estimated amount of 130,000 pounds of yellow onions in these communities including San Carlos village in the Orange Walk District.

But contraband continues to be the major challenge in the marketing of onions according to a release from the Ministry of Agriculture. And this is the reason why wholesalers, market vendors and the public are encouraged to support our farmers by purchasing the local product.

Anyone has information on contraband onions or other vegetables, kindly contact the Quarantine Office at the Belize Agriculture Health Authority at 822-0197.

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