TankerOver the weekend, news spread like wildfire that an oil tanker containing several barrels of fuel was parked off the coast of Belize City since last week and that it was unable to disembark simply because the shipment hadn’t been paid for by the Government of Belize. GOB, however, issued a release emphasizing that there was indeed a delay in the supply of fuel and that such difficulties faced was not the fault of the government nor PUMA, who supplies fuel to Belize in its entirety…. but due to problems encountered by Venezuelan company PDVSA.

While there were many concerns raised by Belizeans as it relates to the availability of diesel and gasoline supply in the country, today PUMA issued a release of their own indicating that the company’s diesel and jet fuel inventories are currently at normal levels because the company managed to receive a vessel over the weekend.

PUMA further added that they are expecting to unload a PDVSA vessel later this week and indicated, quote “As part of our commitment to ensure supply to the country of Belize we are importing gasoline by trucks from our neighbouring countries as a precautionary measure. Additionally, we will receive another vessel with gasoline this weekend”. End of quote.

The release concluded by stating that the company does not anticipate any supply disruptions this week.

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