Screen_Shot_2017-04-03_at_4.08.46_PMThe new tax measures introduced by the Government as part of the budget presentation a couple of weeks ago, are now in effect affecting a list of goods and services including fuel, cement, soft drinks, beer and stout. By raising the taxes on these goods and services GOB’s aim is to raise a total of $28 million out of the $80 million in additional taxes needed for this fiscal year which commenced on April 1st.

We’ll tell you in a few how much more you will have to pay for a bottle of soft drink and beer and even a sack of cement. But first let’s talk about the hike in fuel prices which came into effect on Friday at midnight.

Here in Orange Walk, a gallon of V Power saw the largest increase of thirty five cents going from ten dollars and fifty one cents to ten dollars and eighty six cents while regular gasoline saw the second highest increase of thirty two cents putting a gallon of the product at nine dollars and eighty seven cents. Diesel on the other hand went up from nine dollars and seven cents to nine dollars and seventeen cents, a marking difference of ten cents. And finally kerosene which saw a slight increase of three cents going from five dollars and thirty seven cents to five dollars and forty cents.


When it comes to the value of soft drink and beer produced locally by Bowen and Bowen, we were informed that it has been raised by an additional four dollars per crate, meaning that the new increase in retail price calculates to about twenty five cents per bottle of soft drink, beer or stout. As it relates to the cost of cement, business owners say that it should be going up by at least by one dollar, however, that will be determined when the new shipment of the product arrives.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-03_at_8.09.38_PMThis is only the commencement as reports indicate that with the new taxes steel and even paint will see an increase in price.

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