dalla_taxiWe regret to inform you of the death of the very popular and much utilized ‘Dollar Taxis.’ Well maybe we should rephrase that – the taxis are still out there performing a valuable service – but that service won’t be costing you a dollar anymore.

CTV3 News understands that due to the constant increase in fuel prices the 16 members of the Trial Farm Unity Taxi Union have increased their taxi fares from $1.00 to $1.50. This morning when we spoke to President of the Union William Usher, he told us that the 50 cent increase was necessary for their operations to continue.

William Usher- Trail Farm Unity Taxi Union

“Yes it’s gone up from a dollar to dollar and fifty cents we have been running the dollar for the past eight years I started this dollar taxi me alone for almost two years everybody was laughing at me when I started it but know it seemed that everyone wants to join on the wagon. Well it has to go up because of the world crisis of the fuel, fuel is more high in the states, Belize, Europe and wherever you go the fuel is high and we have to go we can’t make money with a dollar. The gas is four dollars and four cents for the diesel.

Carmelita Perez- Reporter


“If you see that the fuel keeps on increasing do you think that you will have to increase the fees even more?”

William Usher- Trail Farm Unity Taxi Union

“No, well it depends on what it will increase to because it don’t think it will go much further. I started running the dollar taxi when the diesel was about six to seven dollars a gallon and it is now up to eleven so I decided that we have to make a raise.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“A dollar and fifty cents are you still seeing a profit?

William Usher- Trail Farm Unity Taxi Union

“Oh yes you will see a profit with fifty cents at least you carry four persons that’s two dollars for you, you can say.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

“Okay a dollar and fifty cent from which point to which point?”

williamWilliam Usher- Trail Farm Unity Taxi Union

“From anywhere between trail farm to center that’s the only place where we give dollar taxi we don’t go down Belize Road for a dollar taxi this is our route, we have a Trial Farm Taxi Union and my union runs from Trial Farm to Town Hall that’s the center there is where dollar taxi is finished if you want to go some other place you will pay your five dollars just as the other taxi you have to pay.”

CTV3 News understands that even taxi drivers not belonging to the union have increased their fee from $1.00 to $1.50.

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