Screen_Shot_2019-06-19_at_8.01.31_PMThere are significant updates in relation to the reports of burglaries reported in yesterday’s newscast.

This afternoon, 30-year-old Austin Sutherland, a resident of G Street in Corozal Town, was taken to the Magistrate’s Court to be arraigned on five charges in relation to the burglary that occurred in the wee hours of Tuesday morning at a residence in the Hermelinda Layout.

Sutherland was charged for burglary, three counts of harm for reportedly assaulting the individuals inside the house and causing injuries classified as harm, and damage to property for reportedly damaging a number of items while trying to escape.

In Court, Sutherland pleaded guilty to burglary, but the plea was not accepted since he also told the court that he entered the premises as he attempted to escape persons who were following him and not to steal or harm. To the court, this established a defense to the charge, so a not guilty plea was entered instead.

Sutherland pleaded not guilty to the three harm charges and damage to property.

The prosecution vehemently objected to bail for Sutherland citing a slew of reasons for doing so. Sergeant Claude Pitts raised a number of issues such as there being strong evidence against the defendant, and repeated similar offences committed by Sutherland. Sergeant Pitts also noted that Sutherland’s modus operandi is taking dangerous levels which has resulted in three persons being harmed in the process. He told the Court that Sutherland is an obvious threat to the community and his criminal behavior is almost pathological and without regards to the community.

Sutherland tried to counter claiming that since receiving bail for a previous charge, he has been working and caring for his wife and three children. He said he has made efforts to stay out of trouble.

The Magistrate agreed with the prosecution and indicated that under the circumstances he cannot entertain bail.

Sutherland was remanded to prison until August 21, 2019 when he will be returning for disclosure.

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