Three men from the Orange Walk District, all employees of the Circle R Food Supply Company, were victims of a vicious armed robbery last night in Belize City.

Reports are that at around 9:00 last night two trucks belonging to the company were returning after delivering goods. In the first truck were Nolberto Leiva Jr. and his sideman Armando Castellanos while the second truck was driven by a new employee, Carlos Alvarado. When they arrived at the gate of their headquarters located at Mile 4 on the Northern Highway, Castellanos jumped out of the first vehicle to open the gate, and at that point he was allegedly attacked and viciously chopped by two men who came out of the mangroves where they were hiding.

At the same time a gun was placed at the head of Nolberto Leiva through the driver’s window and he was instructed to hand over the bag with the money. He did so, and we understand that when the gunman was going through the bag, Leiva used the opportunity to escape through the passenger door. He was chased into the bushes by the men who allegedly fired several shots at him. He got away without being shot but not without injury, since he broke his leg while running for his life through the bushes.

When Police arrived at the scene, Carlos Alvarado had already driven the badly injured Armando Castellanos to the hospital; Leiva was found still hiding in the bushes and the assailants were long gone.

At news time we understand that Castellanos is listed in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. He received chop wounds to his head, his arm and legs.

According to the Police sit-rep released this evening, the men got away with $6,000 in cash and $30,000 in checks.

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