policeCorozal Police are pursuing three men of Hispanic descent who carried out an armed robbery last night of Zhen Zhen Shop, the only Chinese store in Xaibe Village. Inside the store at the time was shop owner 23 year old Li Chang, who reported that the men entered the store and pointed their weapons at her. In fear for her life, Chang moved from the cashier area and the men proceeded to steal money from the cash register. They reportedly took over $1,000 in different denominations, and assorted items from inside the store.

The three men then left on bicycles, in the direction of San Andres Village.

Now these men seem to be on a rampage in Corozal as the same trio was caught by surveillance cameras during an armed robbery of Henry’s Store in Corozal Town in mid-July.

If you recognize any of these men, kindly call the Corozal Police at 402-0022.

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