64917194_2245944738853307_3793319058607177728_nTwo men have been arrested and charged for the robbery of Tang's Supermarket in Corozal that took place on Sunday night at around 7:30. They are 18 year old Michael Franklin and 18 Alberto Perez, both of Skeleton Town in Corozal. The men were charged on Tuesday for the crime of Robbery and are expected to be arraigned sometime this week. As previously reported a pair of robbers violently stormed into Tang’s Store located on 7th Avenue in Corozal Town and held up both the female owner who was behind the cashier at the time and a male customer who had just walked into the store.

Surveillance footage captured by the store’s camera showed that one of the men who was armed with what appeared to be a gun immediately grabbed a customer and placed the gun on him, threatening to shoot if the owner didn’t move from the cashier, to allow the other robber the space to steal from the cash register. The men took an unknown amount of money from the cash register, before running out of the store into nearby bushes.


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