Screen_Shot_2019-06-24_at_8.18.31_PMTwenty-three-year-old Christian Espat handed himself over to San Pedro police today after authorities issued a wanted poster for his arrest as he was being sought for questioning into the double murder of well-known tour guide Mario Graniel and prominent US Doctor Gary Swank. Both men viewers may remember were fatally shot on Sunday morning while fly fishing a mile west of San Pedro Town.

Shortly after mid-day today Espat visited the San Pedro Police station accompanied by his attorney, Leeroy Banner. Before turning himself over to authorities in San Pedro Espat recorded a video of himself claiming innocence in the double murder. In the video posted on an Instagram account belonging to “Stop Bav productions” Espat states that he has no connection with the murders and that he will be surrendering to the San Pedro Police to prove his innocence. Interestingly Espat goes on to show that he has no bruises to his body at the time of his surrender. Here is that recording.

Until news time there was no official information from police to indicate that any charges have been levied against Espat who is no stranger to the law and was recently acquitted of murder charges in the shooting death of retired American National Cliff Kirk which occurred in July of last year. Espat was charged along with two others for that murder however insufficient evidence prompted for an acquittal in the case.

Of note is that Crime-stoppers, which is based in Miami, USA, has also offered a reward of $2,000 for information on the double murder.

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