Screen_Shot_2019-06-20_at_7.55.15_PMJust before five o’clock this evening wanted fugitive Juan Carlos Quintero also known as “Canikas” was captured by authorities here in Orange Walk Town. Quintero was being sought for the shooting murder of twenty-five-year-old Samuel Castro as well as the shooting of twenty-four-year-old Justin Diaz both of which occurred back in October of last year.

Viewers may remember that Samuel Castro was shot and killed while he sat outside a fenced yard on Muffles street shortly after 12:00am on October 1st 2018. Reports are that two men on a motorcycle, one of whom is believed to be Quintero, approached him, and fired several shots at him. Minutes before Castro’s murder, twenty-four-year-old Justin Diaz was critically wounded when he was shot as many as four times as he made his way home, also by two men on a motorcycle.

A wanted poster was issued for Quintero back in October of last year for his alleged involvement in both crimes. Information to our news room tonight indicates that Canikas was captured at the residence of relatives located on Santa Rosa Street here in the Orange Walk District where he reportedly frequently visited. Reports are that authorities received information of Quintero’s whereabouts and an operation carried out by members of the Special Patrol Unit, Special Branch and Quick Response Team shortly before five resulted in his detention. Unconfirmed reports from residents in the area indicates that several shots were fired at the time of Quintero’s arrest, since he tried to evade authorities once more however, no one was reportedly injured. CTV3 news understands that several other persons were also detained pending investigations.

Quinterro who it is believed made his way into Orange Walk sometime last night from the Mexican side where he was in hiding, is expected to be officially charged with one count of murder for Samuel Castro and one count of attempted murder for the shooting of Justin Diaz.

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