Screen_Shot_2019-06-19_at_8.01.43_PMMeanwhile the two tattooed burglars who broke into Horizon stationary store on Tuesday morning on 7th Avenue have been caught by Corozal Police.

The two individuals of Hispanic descent can be seen on the surveillance camera rummaging through the store, looking for items to steal.

They entered the store by chipping the side of one of the steel doors and removing the frame and the door along the side of building. Once inside they stole a DVD player, laptop, phone and other items.

The men were captured by surveillance camera which showed two tattooed individuals moving in the store. When they realised that they were captured on camera, they covered their faces and took down a number of cameras.

Well, those decorative body tattoos have ironically helped in detaining the two suspects.

We understand that they reside only a short distance from the store, and one was hired by the owners to help in the construction of the building last year, which explains their knowledge of the vulnerability of the door.

We expect that the suspects will be charged later today or early tomorrow and arraigned in court in due course

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