Last night we told you a little about the financial mess at Town Hall, allegedly caused by a web of corruption extending nearly all the way to the top. We should mention at this time that for the past two weeks we have tried to get in touch with Mayor Phillip de la Fuente on a daily basis…every single day except for weekends. He has not answered our calls to his cell phone, to his pharmacy or to Town Hall. He has also not answered emails or text messages – a virtual communications shutdown. But even if the Mayor isn’t talking, there are plenty inside Town Hall who are, and we’ll have a lot more to tell you in the coming weeks. Tonight we bring you the latest on the man who caused this latest spotlight to be focused on the corruption in the Council, Revenue Collector Carl Westby. Just about three weeks ago, Westby was accused of bribing, harassing and threatening a resident of Orange Walk Town. Yesterday we asked Orange Walk Town Councilor Kevin Bernard about Westby’s fortunes after the serious accusations made against him.

kevinKevin Bernard – OW Town Councilor

“After that interview we did just a few weeks ago I did get about two calls from the Mayor himself telling me that he has gotten even more evidence talking about more corrupt practices that were committed by the same individual Carl Westby and one of the most surprising evidence that he pointed out to me was that the gentleman Carl Westby had approached the Mayors brother with the same type of behavior that he did with the gentleman Alex. Just about late last week he spoke to m again and told me while I was on the phone with him that he had just received in hand another receipt showing where monies had been misallocated, monies that had been collected and never taken to the council.”

Bernard also revealed to us that he himself has been threatened with physical harm by Westby during a telephone call he received after the allegations of corruption came out on CTV-3 news.

Kevin Bernard - OW Town Councilor

“I have understood just recently that a decision has been made but I have not been officially informed about the decision and we have been hearing two sides on the issue. One we have been hearing that he was suspended and two that he has been fired. How did I hear that well because I received a call from an individual who identified himself as Carl Westby who basically threatening me saying that it is because of me that he has lost his job, the man even went direct to the point and told me that why I am talking to him and that he would want to smash in my head. This happened last week Sunday and I didn’t take it seriously but I taught that I need to come out publicly and say it so that people are aware what type of individual we are dealing with here.”

As we mentioned, we haven’t been able to reach Mayor Phillip de la Fuente to verify the status of Westby, or to ask about the reports of corruption from Town Hall.

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