No-ImageMayor Vellos also had positive news to share on Councillor Hilberto Clarke who sustained burns after suffering an accident at his tortilla and chips business. After weeks of specialized treatment, Councillor Clarke has shown improvement and is scheduled to return home. Mayor Vellos shared that the Councillor is eager to get back to working for the community.

Mayor Rigo Vellos – Corozal Town Council

“We have positive news on councilor Clark and he should be out by the end of the week back home recovering. He is well motivated and looking forward to come back to the street and to work for the people of Corozal, I spoke to him couple days ago and the message that he sent to the Corozal Town Council and to his people that he thanks everyone for all the support that they gave him when he needed it the most and the support everybody gave to the family also it was a blessing for him and I believe also that Councilor Clark will recover pretty well and we will see him working in the street soon working hard like he has always done.”

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