The September Celebrations are scheduled to kick start less than a month away, and today in support of national activities, the National Celebrations Committee handed over cheques to the different municipal bodies. According to the Committee’s Communications Director Neil Hall, the purpose of the monies is to make the September Celebrations as patriotic and unjoyful as possible.

neilNeil Hall, Communications Director, National Celebrations Committee

“Today it was a day that we discussed a lot of logistics in terms on how we as the NCC with the help of our various different Mayors from our different municipalities can ensure that the 2019 September Celebrations celebrating the 38 year of our Independence will be absolutely dynamic as well as safe and enjoyable for everybody. Every year the NCC is fully in charge of disbursements to the municipalities where we assist them in ensuring the very best entertainment and the very best celebration for every municipality today was the issuing of cheques from the co-chair of the NCC to the various different municipalities that were present here and for those that weren’t of course we sill send them their check via mail.”

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