noimageSummer is here which means parents are looking for positive activities for children and adolescents to engage in. Today we checked out sketching art classes being held at the Christilline Gill SDA Primary School auditorium with a handful of students. Art instructor and high school teacher Hilberto Trujillo shared what the course is about.

Hilberto Trujillo, Art Instructor

“Actually an opportunity for students to be able to bring out that talent that they have that they need to develop in respect to arts. We develop the talent for sketching to be able to paint an art work on canvas. In the introduction of the class, I let them see the relevance of paintings in real life not only be able to draw and paint but be able to appreciate art in itself, its value, the cost of it and the history and the meaning behind each art work so that whenever they look at an art work they would be able to appreciate it and appreciate the artist who made it and took hours to complete that art work and here in Belie we need to develop that appreciation for paintings. The opportunity they have when they do my course is that they will be able to carry an art home. I made a survey of how many art works they have at home and the survey shows that not much art works are found at home which means that we need to start an opportunity not only for decoration but also to have meaning to bring back history and many other things.”

While Trujillo will be closing the one-week programme on Friday, he indicated that his intention is to offer art classes whenever children are out-of-school including Easter and Christmas breaks.

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