noimageComplaints of excessive use of force by officers of the Belize Police Department are regularly aired in our newscasts. Tonight, there is yet another allegation to add to the ever-growing list. This time reports are coming from the Bey family who are from the village of Xaibe in the Corozal District, who are alleging abuse at the hands of a woman police officer attached to the Corozal Police Formation. According to Victor Bey, his wife, forty-nine-year-old Gabriela Gutierrez and daughter twenty-three-year-old Cristy Bey were traveling on a motorcycle on the Cristo Rey Road on Wednesday morning when they came in contact with a WPC in civilian clothing who reportedly proceeded to stomp the duo off the motorbike for no apparent reason. Both mother and daughter allegedly fell to the ground receiving various injuries. Bey today told us more.

Victor Bey- Claims police brutality

“On the 26th June about 7:30 am, I was at work presently and my wife called me and informed me that via Facebook that she and my daughter were coming on the cycle on the Patchakan/Corozal road, Cristo Rey when they observed about a hundred yards away a person with a camouflage and white T-shirt coming out from a cane field then she dodged herself to the left hand side of the road and then the lady ran on the side and then hit the cycle and they drop from the cycle and unconsciously and they hurt themselves and the WPC identified herself without any ID, with no card or nothing but she only tell them sorry and went back on her way again and for me it is unjustifiable because I went to the police station and mention it to the police officer in charge and they told me that so them behave and for me I think it is unjustifiable because the police did not have identification card with a white shirt dodged on the bush supposed the police get knocked down and we do something to the police and I am very upset about this.”

According to Bey, while he visited the Corozal Police Station to file an official report earlier today, his concern fell on deaf ears.


“We understand your wife and daughter received various injuries?

Victor Bey- Claims police brutality

“Yes, they received various injuries on her left and back and pain on the chest. For me I think that police lady supposed to be dealt accordingly using two females with a female without their consent and that for me is very wrong and that is why we don not have that trust with the police department.”

Medico-legal forms issued to both Gabriela Gutierrez and Cristy Bey classifies their injuries as Harm. The Bey family is currently seeking legal advice from an attorney as to the steps forward. While we tried to get comment from the commanding officer of the Corozal Police Formation we were informed she was not in office.

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