noimageThree men, two from the Corozal District and another from Carmelita Village here in the Orange Walk District, were charged yesterday morning for the vicious assault of Chinese-owned Bans Store located on Santa Rita Road, which occurred last week Wednesday February 21st.

Twenty one year old Devin Skeen of Corozal Town, 21 year old Kevin Lanza of Carmelita Village and 51 year old Alvin Sanker Jr. of Calcutta Village, were charged with one count of robbery each.

Police authorities say the three men were the ones who entered the store and held up the shop owner at gun point. The men, as seen in the footage obtained by CTV-3 News, covered their faces with clothing and wielded weapons including a shotgun and a pistol, forcing the shop owner to a corner while one of them emptied the cash drawer into a bag.

A shopper who arrived in the store to buy, got caught up in the mix and was also forced to the floor, threatened and robbed at gun point.

The female store-owner, Qiao Hong Li, reported to the Police that the men stole $800 in various denominations from the cash drawer, a pink iPhone 6 Plus valued at $1,400, and cartons of assorted cigarettes valued at $360 for a total value of $2,560.

Quick Police work led to the men’s detention that same evening.

In Court, all three men pleaded not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Patricia Arana indicated to them that due to the nature of the offence, specifically the use of firearms, she does not have the jurisdiction to offer bail. She advised that they can seek bail at the Supreme Court.

But before the men could leave the Court, Lanza was asked to remain in the defendant’s box as he would be arraigned on another charge of robbery, this time of a purple bicycle which he allegedly took away from a San Antonio resident on February 11th.

The group of men will return to the Magistrate’s Court to answer to the Bans Store robbery on April 23rd, and Lanza will return to Court on March 15th.

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