As we reported yesterday, the International Court of Justice made a formal announcement that it has taken possession of the dispute between Guatemala and Belize. Today Foreign Minister Hon. Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington gave comments on the process that has transpired since the ICJ Referendum was held on May 8th.

Screen_Shot_2019-06-13_at_8.09.14_PMWilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington, Foreign Affairs Minister

“What I can tell you is that I did signed the notification that has to be sent to the ICJ detailing what has transpired on the day of the successful referendum and that was submitted to them and by Ambassador Dilan Vernon and I think by 7am Belize time I think of the 7th of June and so that document has been successfully been deposited to the registrar of the court and I imagine I due time we will get more information as to how that is developing and I can tell you that the persons who will be interfacing with us directly, a little committee that the Prime Minister has formed is Mr. Assad Showman who is the agent and Alexis Rosado who is the co-agent and so they will be interfacing with they court, they will be interfacing with our team of lawyers and they will report back to us there and then we will be in a position to disseminate whatever information they would tell us to the public.”



“Sir, what knowledge do you have of the process and what happens next in this particular case?”


Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington, Foreign Affairs Minister

“Generally and have said I am not familiar with it and I have no real interest to be involve but the information that I have is that Guatemala has a year now to submit their claim, within one year after they have submitted their claim we will have one year to respond to that and then they will have six months thereafter to response to our response and then we will have six months to respond to their response after which time the matter is going to be taken by the judges for their deliberation and decision and that is my understanding.”

Elrington explained that he expects the process that last about five year.

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