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Screen_Shot_2019-07-24_at_8.08.53_PMA couple of days ago, the Orange Walk Town Council embarked on a two week summer program offering free computer courses to primary school students at the Mahatma Ghandi Internet Resource Center. The program was aimed at teaching participants the basic knowledge of computers including its components and other relevant information and mainly targeted those who have limited access to computers.

Today students who participated in the program were each presented with certificates of completion.


Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk

“When we lobbied for the Mahatma Gandi resource center it was not just about putting computers in a room and for just people to come in and sit down and use the internet, it was about us allowing young people to also benefit from training and other not only the young but even adults that will participate in other trainings that will take place next week so the program is geared and in terms of for us to be able to train people on basic computer knowledge and we want to even expand that further. This is all about giving back to our young people and the community and initiatives just as these goes a long way, these young kids whatever they learn for the past two weeks will take that with them at their homes and in their schools that they attend and so it gives them that benefit to know something rather than being on the street playing and being idle they decided t come here and participate in a two week program that will benefit them, expand their knowledge and so that is what the program is really about and today we ended off with the certification to the students for participating in this exercise.”

Participants of the newly implanted program comprised of young students from various primary schools across the municipality.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk

“If I am not mistaken there are a little over 30 to 35 students here today and because of the room size I think they did it in phases and so tis is what happened both morning and afternoon sessions, so there were two sessions and they participated and they all attended consistently so for me I want to thank their parents too for allowing their children to participate in this and I am very happy to see that its not only town residents that participated we also had some surrounding villages like Palmar, we had students from all the way from Yo Creek, I understand from San Estevan, students from Louisiana School, La Inmaculada, San Francisco all participated in this event and we are going to expand on this of course this is the first and definitely when we target the adult training that will be another program that we will be doing and this is going to be continuous and we want to make sure that the resource center is utilized properly and is well manage, we have the center opened everyday assessable to the public and people can come in for a small fee and utilize the resource center.”


“How many persons you have there assisting in the course?”

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk

“Well, we had the JICA representative and Mrs. Martha who are the two persons coordinating the work today and over the past two week and I believe we will be doing for the adult program and I ned to thank those two as well and all of them, German and everybody that played a significant role in organizing, coordinating and supporting Mrs. Martha with that initiative.”

For participants the experience was truly educational.

Efrain Cowo Jr. – Participant

“I learned how to go to home with the keyboarding, how to type good and fast. I would say that you would have to put your part in it and learn stuff and don’t play around and just do your work and follow your dreams.”


“Was that difficult for you?”

Efrain Cowo Jr. – Participant

“Not a lot but a little yes.”

Tehia Williams – Participant

“I learn the basics and how to copy and paste, how to change colors and how to paint.”


“How long did it take you to grasp all the information that they taught you?”

Tehia Williams – Participant

“Not long.”


“Before you come here did you had any knowledge about computers?”

Tehia Williams – Participant

“Yes, I know the basic and how to use the mouse and how to use the keyboard.”

As mentioned by Bernard, another program which caters for adults will kick off next week Monday. Interested persons are encouraged to visit the resource center located at the Town Hall during the remainder of the week to sign up for the course.

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