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    Friday, 17 January 2020 02:33
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    Friday, 17 January 2020 03:06

Today more documents in relation to the scheme which the U.S. says defrauded Americans of over $100 million dollars, were revealed also. The documents are further damning to the Government because they show how intimately involved and invested they were into the scheme. One document, shows that the Cabinet had approved a request for tax concessions of over $15 million dollars. The Statutory Instrument approving this, was signed by the Minister of Economic Development, Commerce, Industry and consumer protection, Hon. Erwin Contreras in February 2011.

The Opposition says the Sanctuary Bay scam is too huge to ignore and too corrupt to not investigate further.

Screen_Shot_2019-07-18_at_7.58.52_PMHon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition

“Am saying but at present our beloved Belize is plagued by a moral and financial crisis, our country is wallowing in a morass of social decay and deterioration, our Prime Minister as well as other members of his Cabinet as well as other politicians, political appointees are named by the United States Federal Commission of not only being aware but possibly being involved in the biggest fraud and money laundering scheme in the history of the FTC, never before has any government of Belize been so disgraced, never before has the integrity of so many Cabinet ministers being called into question, never before has our Central Bank being brought into such disrepute, this shocking sensational Sanctuary Bay saga shows a Prime Minister and his collective of closely connected UDP associates and cronies accused of behavior that if not criminal is at best of unworthy of the highest offices they hold. Dean barrow has brought shame on our nation and his actions and inactions have placed in jeopardy the entire banking and financial services of this nation.”


“Will you say that there needs to be a call to see what laws, what regulations were violated under this present leadership?”

Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

“Absolutely, some people say that you know we might need a Commission of Inquiry into this and I won’t rule it out but we cannot forget that there is one sitting right now the Senate Inquiry that they cannot deliver on and same Aldo Salazar is in that he is the chair of that why have they not come forward with that so there is a lot of things that we can demand and that is why I said that perhaps the only way this UDP corrupt could understand is that if they call general elections and make the people send a message to them and that is the only way they will understand.”

While the Opposition says it will do its part to bring on the heat, PUP leader Hon. John Briceno and Shadow Minister for Legal Affairs Hon. Kareem Musa challenged the media not to shove the scandal under the rug.

Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

In terms of Barrow’s letter to the media of course is straight muzzling of the media, this submission from the FTC is so damming on his administration and on him personally and on his law firm personally so I could see how he reacted the way he has reacted and he has to get aggressive because lets be real if Jules Vasquez goes and reports on the content of the FTC report can he pick up the phone and call the FTC to come and testify chances are they won’t because they are in America and they don’t respond or they don’t answer to Jules Vasquez and so the Prime Minister knows that but what you have to ask yourself why is he not suing the source of this information if it was so defamatory he should sue them and make millions for himself but he is not doing that but them it comes down to locally will the FTC come and support the media chances are they won’t but your are taking a risk but I think that the information here is extremely damming of this administration.”

Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition

“You in the media also have a moral responsibility to keep this alive, what they called the media, the fourth state but it seems that it is sleeping because you all suppose to be aggressively going into this story and do the investigation or maybe you could do a flash back of when we were in government and what you guys did at that time going after our government maybe now you guys are afraid to talk but you have a moral responsibility to do the investigation and to ask the tough questions and to don’t let it go until we get to the bottom of the biggest scandal this country have ever had.”

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