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On Wednesday afternoon, the Minister of Health and Area Representative for Corozal Bay Hon. Pablo Marin and Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize H.E. Remus Li-Kou Chen joined Ministry of Health officials in Corozal Town and residents of the White Cocal area to inaugurate renovated recreational amenities on the Nedi Reymundo Park, also known as Brotherhood Park basketball court.

Majority funding for the project was provided by the Government of Taiwan, and the renovation included resurfacing of the basketball court, installation of new backboards and rims and also upgraded park facilities. Both Minister Marin and Ambassador Chen addressed the community in their speeches.


Screen_Shot_2019-07-09_at_7.58.29_PMHon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, Corozal Bay Area Rep

“I want to give thanks to everyone that contributed to what we have here and what you can see is something totally different that was here before, we only had a slide here where the kid are standing up and it was about to fall down and there were no swings, the basketball rims were there, it was a small court we didn’t had that portion of the park and now we have it so please lets take care of what we have it is yours it is not mines and yes we found the finance myself and the Ambassador to do that so lets take care of it and with that I need to give thanks to the Ambassador of Taiwan/China for the financing that they gave us, they gave us thirty thousand dollars for us to be able to do the renovation, the renovation of the park and the basketball court in total we spent fifty thousand dollars, three or four thousand dollars US was for that park that you see there, that was also donated by the Ambassador and then the other renovations the government of Belize and myself we did that and the main idea of this is for us to enhance our communities and all areas and in particular Skeleton town and White-cocal because everybody say this we always forget them and we can say that we need to emphasis not only in this park but all the rest of the parks which I will be working on.”

Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize H.E. Remus Li-Kou Chen

“I would like to, of course, commend the leadership of Minister Marin for not only spearheading the public health initiatives in this country but also working so hard with dedication, devotion and perseverance to his constituency here in Corozal. The renovation of the basketball court will further encourage more people, young people, and myself too, I really like to go out there and shoot some ball and to have all these people in this town to engage in sports and therefore improve their health and to facilitate the bilateral cooperation in health care and to support programs like this improving the well being of our people actually are our top priority.”

While the basketball court will enhance the community’s recreational space, does it really match up with the priorities of the constituency which continues to see high levels of poverty, unemployment, and criminal activity involving jobless youth?

Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, Corozal Bay Area Rep

“Well everything is linked to each other put it if you have sports activities so the kids already have something to do instead of thinking negative, we have the five-a-side going on and I think the Mayor have a five-a-side going also at South End and so those things help us in, now crime is hard to stop crime so what we need to do is for the community to be more vigilant, whenever you see something that is not normal you need to call the police and right now in different areas we have the community watch and so that is working right now and so whenever you hear about your community organizing that you need to come together for you to be able to prevent crime. Now with jobs, it is an essential thing to have and we try to do but you need investment, I can say you know what I want to do twenty jobs but if you don’t have the roper person to invest and let me say the Mayor in his manifest said that he was going to do a thousand jobs it is nearly impossible because with your finance, the finance that the town board have, the finance that the government have it is impossible for you to create jobs it is the individual that has to do the movements also and it is for us to be here helping them, I have a lot of people to come to my office and say I want to start doing tamales, something that they can do I try help them in that regard for them to get the material that they want we can do but at a limited level, that is the situation.”

And if you would recall, several weeks ago we had reported that Marin initiated the work on the park despite a letter from the Council indicating that they had identified an agency who was prepared to carry out renovations on the Park. Yesterday Marin brought up the issue once more, pointing out that he gave the Council enough time to do something on the park.

Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, Corozal Bay Area Rep

“I’m the area representative and what I did was to send the letter and I think you have both letters, my one and the Mayor one, and I have also another evidence to show you know what I gave sufficient time to the Mayor to do what he said he was going to do, in the letter it states that he cannot grant me the permission because he already gotten the funds to do the project, the letter was sent that I sent was on the 4th of May and his letter was sent on the 10th of May, I started the project on the 7th of April which show that you know what I gave him sufficient time if he had the money he could have already started so when I saw that he didn’t do anything for a period of three week I decided you know what step in and do it and even though that it is his town he has to realize that bot of us have to work together, if I have said you know I want to do the park he could have said let me work along with you I don’t have any problem and I am trying to d this not only right now but when I did the inauguration of the outdoors gyms I did invite him and if he had contributed something then he would have been part of the ceremony and today I did not invite him if he had mentioned that he had the funds already why he didn’t start this park, now if he ahd the funds why he hasn’t started another park so I will challenge him to do a park just like this or better than this one.”

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