And while evidence is pointing to non-payment of GST, Kareem Musa revealed that financial reports released by BTL indicate that several million dollars in business tax may be outstanding also. Musa explained.

Musa-PoliticsHon. Kareem Musa, PUP Shadow Minister of Communications & Public Utilities


“In the BTL annual report it states that 61% of its revenues came from mobile and fix line, 10% from roaming and international settlements, 21% being internet and data, and 8% constituting other revenues, if mobile an fix lines services constitute real time voice services provided by BTL which we don’t see why it wouldn’t then according to BTL own figures ninety seven million of its total revenues came from voice and is there now subject to business tax at 19%, the rest of the revenues would conservatively subject to a tax ought not less than 1.75%, this ladies and gentlemen would yield a total business tax liability for BTL roughly nineteen million dollars for the fiscal period 2017/2018 yet BTL reported business tax liability for that year at twelve point two million dollars what is the reason for the difference of this six point eight million dollars for the fiscal period 2017/2018 so essentially then, ladies and gentlemen, the under reporting as disclosed by this audit has serious ramifications because if this is true and we have all reason to believe that it is not only does BTL owes GST but it also potentially owes business tax to the tune of six point eight million dollars for 2017/2018 this is serious, this is very serious.”

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