BTL’s Chairman Net Vasquez Sr. has commented on the record to various media houses that the allegations made against the company are not true, however, the Financial Secretary Joseph Waight has said in remarks that there is an ongoing audit on BTL.

JOHNHon. John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“BTL cannot the existence of this audit because there is full report line by line hundreds of lines that were looked into so there is that. Secondly, is that you need to ask who is saying the truth, Mr. Vasquez is saying that they owe nothing but yet both the finance secretary and Mr. Evan Brown, the acting Commissioner of GST both of them saying there is an ongoing audit and in effect there is an audit because obviously numbers are not corresponding so how much is it is twenty nine million, is it thirty five million, is it twenty five million, we don’t know the point is that there is a clear indication that BTL is not paying its proper GST taxes to the government and what is worst is that GST collects it from the people not even your money, you as the business person you just collect it on behalf of the government so in effect from what we are saying BTL in itself is trying to proper its profits by holding on that money and show a healthy profit than what they really have.”

Today the GST Department chipped in with a release that stated that BTL is in compliant with their obligations to file and pay monthly as required by law. The release does accept that the department is conducting an audit on the company that will determine its tax position.

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