One of the highlights of today’s Senate meeting was the swearing of two new Senators in Opposition Lead Senator Michel Chebat and President of the Senate, Darrell Bradley, the former Belize City Mayor. In his opening statement, Senator Bradley challenged the Senate members to stay true to the values of the positions they hold.

Screen_Shot_2019-06-26_at_8.03.52_PMHon. Darrell Bradley, President of Senate

“It is only for me to urge on you honorable Senators as I urge on myself to remember that we sit on a hallow place and requires reverence so that we are obliged may commentate by the occasion by which we gathered to bring honor to this chamber by your actions and your words, that you are rightly to discuss and debate vigorously to advance the cause of those who appointed you to your high office but always comporting yourselves with dignity and respect speaking with insight, integrity, wisdom and consideration for your fellow Senators knowing always that you carry the hope and the faith of our people and that our nation depends on the decisions that you make.”

Bradley replaces Former Senate President Lee Mark Chang, who stepped down to pursue a political candidacy in an area where Bradley had intentions of running also.

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