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The annual CYCAS football competition for primary schools came to an end on Friday June 14th when the finals in the male and female categories were held at the Ricalde Stadium in Corozal Town. We were there for the opening and spoke to the organisation’s President and Vice President who spoke on the competition.

Joel Cassanova, President, CYCAS

“We are having the finals for the CYCAS tournament, we started this in January actually December we had a marathon and January we started with the tournament and today we having the finals, the closing of the tournament. We started with twenty-three teams, we had roughly about sixteen female teams and we had twenty-three males and today we only had eight for our finals so we have two games for male and two games for females. First, we are playing the females for third place, secondly we are going to have the second game for male third and the last two games will be the finals for males and females. In the finals for females we have both Cristo Rey R.C. and Cristo Rey P.D.S. and for the final male we have Concepcion R.C. and Church of Crist.”

Screen_Shot_2019-06-17_at_7.57.49_PMMozart Flowers, Vice President, CYCAS

“The competition is very important because what we instill in CYCAS is that we try to instill moral values, we try to teach children respect, we try to teach the children about love and we also try to use these games as spiritually because it is not only about football but taking a youth or a young person and try to build a good character so they can be somebody positive in the future. Its very challenging, its very time consuming on us because we are teachers and many times we have to come out of the classrooms and we have to leave our children to try to do something, we have to have meetings after class and even the competition itself sometimes we have to come out and commission the games so its very challenging for us but in the same way its vey important for us too because we know that we we doing this we doing something good for the youths and for our country. I want to thank the sponsors we have BEL, we have Centaur, we have the Mayor Rigo Vellos who sponsored us, we have Minister Pablo Marin as well who donated a price for us and of course we have other sponsors who I can’t recall them and so on behalf from the CYCAS committee I want to thank all of them for all what you have done for us that I think that without your support our tournament would have been successful.”


First place in the male category was won by Concepcion R.C. School, who defeated a very talented Church of Christ Primary School 2-1 in an exciting game. In the female category, Cristo Rey R.C. outdid Cristo Rey PDS 3-1 in penalties.

Third place females was won by Patchakan R.C. School 1-0 while in the male category, Caledonia outscored Cristo Rey 2-0.

Our parent company Centaur Communications was one of the major sponsors of the event and was recognized for their support.

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