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Since 2010, Hon. Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington has been involved in a legal wrangle with company Progresso Heights Limited, a real estate and land development which has invested in property in Progresso Village in the Corozal District.

Elrington acted as the attorney which incorporated the company and handled a large part of the company’s affairs until the relationship with company directors went sour. Elrington has taken the company to court, and the company has sued Elrington. Today both parties were back in court as Elrington is seeking the appointment of an inspector to investigate the company. This was a relief he was seeking since 2014, but which was refused by Justice Shona Griffith. Elrington discussed the legal issues outside the court.

Screen_Shot_2019-06-13_at_8.09.14_PMWilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington, Foreign Affairs Minister

“It was a very simple matter, it was really an application to the court for the court to appoint an inspector to go and investigate the affairs of the company and that it really had a peculiar script because when it first came up for hearing before Chief Justice Legal it was the assumption of all of us really that it was agreed that that matter was second by consent and that we would file an order in the court articulating that consent and indicating who the inspector would be that is how it was left. In a strange way in which I can’t explain maybe a year or two later the same case was set down for hearing and it was argued tow any objection was made. A new judge because the old judge had left and a new judge came and the matter was settled or I don’t know how it came before and I imagine given the pressure of time I was involved in it myself and or whatever it is we went ahead with the hearing without making any objection but I just don’t understand how it happened but these things happen, these things happen so now the dilemma before the court is now that there are two courts that dealt with it so the question is which one judgment is the valid one and that is the primary argument that is being raised although there are other arguments but that is the primary argument.”



“What relief are you seeking from this particular appeal?”

Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington, Foreign Affairs Minister

“Companies are peculiar organizations, companies are won by shareholders and the law is very clear as to how companies are to be operated, we have the Articles of Association which states specifically how the companies are to be run and then we have a thing called the Memorandum of Association which states specifically what the companies can do and particularly in small companies many times companies operate without any of these laws, rules and regulations being observed and that can created great hardship for investors and shareholders, if there is no proper accounting, no proper transparency and a lot of that can come about so my particular interest in this case is to have an independent inspector go in to verify that things are been done properly because this was a company that generating in a short while as much as eleven or twelve million dollars there is a lot of money involved and there has ben no proper accounting so all we are saying is let an independent go in and do the accounting and see in fact whether the company has been operating properly and whether the shareholders are treated in the way they should have been treated under the law.”



“Can you assure us that their claim here wasn’t specifically as a power move against Progresso Heights because they were suing you for these titles you owned and didn’t hand over to them?”


Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington, Foreign Affairs Minister

“Actually that was the first case initiated it was in consequence of initiating that action that the other action brought of it so it has nothing to do with that that is trivia but if you invest in a company and the company boasted eleven or twelve million dollars and there is no proper accounting for that that is a serious matter and that is a matter of public interest no private interest so that must have to be looked into and to ask the court to appoint an inspector and to go in and look into the matter to my mind cannot be more than reasonable.”

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