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    Thursday, 07 November 2019 02:13
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    Thursday, 07 November 2019 02:26

Brotherhood Park – its name promotes unity and peace but at the moment there is bitterness between the UDP standard bearer Pablo Marin and the PUP Town Council over public statements made by Marin yesterday, accusing the Council of attempting to block his plans of uplifting the park’s basketball court. Marin claimed that the Council responded to his letter to the Council two weeks after, and that he was told not to proceed. But what Marin didn’t say was that in their letter the Council informed him that they had already identified a sponsor for the park’s rehabilitation; therefore, he was advised to choose any other park. Today Mayor Vellos responded to Marin’s allegations, setting the record straight and calling the UDP representative a barefaced liar.

Screen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_7.57.53_PMRigo Vellos, Mayor of Corozal Town

“The minister is basically and blatantly telling lies and trying to get political mileage and using the Corozal Town council as his skate board and that won’t work. The first lie he said is that we don’t want to give him permission to work on a basketball court and yes Mr. Marin did sent a letter to the Town Council not requesting permission but dictating to us that he will do some works at the brotherhoods park and we responded to him six days after the 10th of April and not two weeks like he said telling him that we already had had or we had spoken to an institution who was very interested on working on the same park, as the Mayor and the Corozal Town Council the best interest is on whatever will benefit the community so we responded him with that and we actually invited him to come along to work with us and with other parks because Brotherhood park is not the only park in Corozal Town but before all that let me mention to you that we had a sign an MOU I Belmopan where we signed that he would have worked together with the Corozal Town Council, with all the municipalities and the Councils and he failed to do that by disrespecting the Corozal Town council and dictating and he needs to be reminded not now there are procedures, there are protocols and there is a Mayor in place put by the same people that will vote on the next elections. I will stand together with the Mayor of Belize City, Mr. Bernard Wagner because Mr. Marin failed to follow the protocols that are in place and he prefers to support on of his own colleagues from his party rather than respecting the protocols and going through the Mayor of Belize City and we can’t stand for that.”

Despite Marin’s intractability, the Council never raised any public controversy over the issue, despite the fact that it put at risk the sponsorship it had identified. According to Mayor Vellos, the Council still extends an invitation to the Minister to work hand in hand with the Council and not against it.

Rigo Vellos, Mayor of Corozal Town

“We are not the type of Town Council that plays the political games especially that it is the people that we gain from it and yes I can tell you that it might affect the interest of the institution that we were talking to that had all the interest on developing this park but as the Corozal Town Council and as the Mayor I will try my best to continue find ways that this institution keeps the interest that will only benefit the people of Corozal Town and that’s my job so I can tell you as much as we want Mr. Marin to work with us is up to him. Mr. Marin, I invite you and my Town Council invites you to put aside the political games and the petty, childish games and come and join us to come and work with the Corozal Town council and I am sure that maybe by now he might be frightened because of the results of the referendum that it clearly indicates that he has lost all his power and all his faith in Corozal Bay but I mean you are a minister already you need to proof to people that you were put as the minister because you want to work for the people until the last day as the minister so Corozal Town Council invites you Mr. Marin come join us and lets work together.”

While the Minister has started works on the basketball courts, today residents we spoke to off camera expressed concern that since the basketball court was resurfaced about a month ago, the stand and rim were brought down and no other work has been done to the court since.

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