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  • Corozal Resident To Spend Years Behind Bars For Manslaughter Charge

    Thursday, 07 November 2019 02:13
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  • Couple Calls Out Driver Who Crashed Into Their Vehicle To Come Forward

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The three-term Corozal Bay representative was speaking on the launching of upgraded facilities at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. But he also spoke about his initiative of upgrading parks with Taiwan-donated fitness equipment which has attracted political backlash because the equipment designated for Belize City was handed over to the Minister of Sports instead of city mayor Bernard Wagner.

Last week the mayor reacted to Marin’s actions, calling it cheap politics. Mayor Wagner pointed out that last year Marin had invited all Mayors to a ceremony in Belmopan for the signing of an MOU to promote collaboration, but it appears he does not know how to keep his word. Marin responded to the Mayor today, calling his criticism childish.


Screen_Shot_2019-06-03_at_7.52.54_PMBernard Wagner, Belize City Mayor

“In October of 2018, I believe that the Mayor’s Association and that include all the Mayors of the different municipalities we signed on to an MOU with the Ministry of Health and in that signing we made certain commitment to health wellness and that there would have been in some level of support that there will be some equipment that we will be place in various parks in each municipality and I was a bit appall when I saw that the Deputy Prime Minister received the equipment and that was not part of the MOU and he was not a signatory to the MOU and I felt that I think we pass that stage of partisan politics and I think that the people of the city and the people of the country demands a better type of government demands that we put out partisan politics and we serve the people and am still appall at it and we would have place it at one of the parks that we control and we have several parks that we control and the Deputy PM took control of the equipment and place it at the Marion Jones stadium and I will still take this matter to the President of the Mayors Association and if you noticed the three Mayors of the PUP were not included on that and I think that is very pity something that the people of the city and the country needs to look closely at.”

Pablo Marin, Minister of Health

“On Tuesday to get his one the situation with Belize city is different because I saw that Marion Jones, the majority of people go and do work out there so I decided to give that to the Deputy as in charge of sports for FIFA so am still going to buy more of these equipment so when I saw his interview he really acted childish and am sorry to say it because he was like a kid that you show him the sweet and you don’t give him the sweet and and he says where is the sweet, why didn’t he called me as the Mayor of Belize and you know minister what happened with my one and he did not do it he just went to the media and try to do something political. With Kevin Bernard on Tuesday evening I called him and before this came out to the media I had already had the chat with Kevin Bernard so you haven’t seen or said anything from Kevin Bernard because he is coming on Tuesday to pick up his one so that is the miscommunication exactly and so am not finishing to continue to deliver those equipment because we ned to maintain a healthy lifestyle and just last week I had the majority of the NGO’s on the different ministries in charged on how we can combat NCD’s and obesity because a lot of our kids are not playing anymore in their internet or in their games so we are trying to do that, now a question to the Mayor of Belize City, what has he done from that day to promote a healthy lifestyle? So is he just waiting for me just to deliver an equipment that I can designate to whom I’ll give and further more I will deliver one to Belize city but at the moment I saw the need to give to Marion Jones instead of giving it to him and right now every municipality will have because Marion Jones is going to have, Kevin Bernard and I spoke to him and he is going to get his one tomorrow so every municipality that I had promised have received their one and now have they done anything to improve the health of the people in Belize.”

Marin also called out the Corozal Town Council for, as he put it, playing politics with him. He alleged that his request to carry out upgrades to a park in Corozal Town was denied by the Council. He added that despite this, he has proceeded to fix up the park and claimed to be the only one doing work in the town.

Pablo Marin, Minister of Health

“I can say what he is saying about childish, I was renovating a basketball court in Corozal and I gave a letter to the Mayor of Corozal stating I have funds that I will fix the basketball court to basketball standards and two weeks after he sent me a letter that I cannot do that so at the end of the day I said well the park belongs to the Government of Belize and am going to so it and I am doing the basketball court so this is the childish behavior that they are playing around it politics but with me ones I sign something, ones I agree on something I will work on that and the people of Corozal know that I don’t play politics because I help PUP’s, UDP’s, NIP’s when it coms to education and health because this is our mandate to work for the people of Belize.”


“Where is this basketball court in Corozal, Sir?”

Screen_Shot_2019-06-03_at_7.52.44_PMPablo Marin, Minister of Health

“The basketball court in in the area of White Cocal also known as Skeleton town area because if you are from bay you will know that the court is a small court now it is to standards and I just got another playground for the kids that will be installed there so it’s a project that we are working along with the Taiwanese and thanks to them and my funds which will run to about fifty thousand they helping us with thirty and am delivering the other twenty thousand.”


We hope to have a response from an official at the Corozal Town Council in tomorrow’s newscast.

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