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Following its inception, Bishop Martin High School has been hosting its annual Math Challenge formerly known as the Math Olympiad where student representatives from the first, second and third form levels compete against each other to solve Mathematics problems.

This year’s Math Challenge took place yesterday at the Crystal Palace Auditorium and it encompassed various topics including algebra, equations, functions and graphs.

Screen_Shot_2019-05-29_at_7.43.36_PMLorelie Gongora – Head, Math Team

“We had four teams and we had one for each level and so we had four fresh men out there so we had four teams, the students were selected based on their math performance and then we group the teams that by having one freshmen and one soft in which there was round one and then we had the juniors in round two. In the freshman level or round on level, we had topics on the freshmen and the soft more level. The topics comes from the same post line that the students are given throughout the year, so at the lower level which is round one we chose some of the topics from their course outline and that made round and the same thing we did for round two, it the same topics that the students are given in their course outline and so we try to cover the basic curriculum and in this way we review what we have been covering in the CXC curriculum through a game form which wee today that they enjoy trying to answer as quickly and competing with each other in their solutions.”

Since a vast majority of students tend to stay away from Math, the aim of the annual challenge is to provide a fun-filled platform for students to embrace the subject.

Lorelie Gongora – Head, Math Team

“A lot of students fear math and sometimes they do not make it because of math and I think this is throughout the country but if we put our attitude differently we can definitely much better and can definitely be able to solve math, math isn’t hard but is our attitude and the way we approach it that makes it harder, if we have a negative mind obviously we will not be able to make it well but then we do these things through games for the students to have fun so for them to see that math is not just paper and pen and that they are fearful of math because this is not the only game we have in math, in class we have different games also and songs earlier you would have heard how the concepts in math are being given to the students in songs and so we teach concepts in songs and we teach practice math through games and make them feel that math is fun and can enjoy doing math. We also do it mainly because of revision and so we review with the students with games and for upcoming exams and so on and so this makes the students more equip and get them more ready for exams and reviewing all the topics that I have covered already.”

At the end of a heated competition, the top winners of both rounds were announced.

Lorelie Gongora – Head, Math Team

“This year the students seems to be a little bit more prepared or less shy and they were ready to answer, we have been practicing in school after we had selected our different teams and we were practicing in school and we were surprising that the teams that used to win in school never win today but you can see that the students have been practicing but maybe nervousness got them like that.”


“What was the outcome of the entire challenge itself and the name of the winners?”

Lorelie Gongora – Head, Math Team

“In round one the winners are: Adeley Gongora and Dominque Martinez and they did a very good job at the questions and how they answered the questions very quickly and in round two we have Kevin Matute and Leonela Escobar.”


The winners each received an award for their participation in this year’s competition and also walked away with several prizes.

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