50883731_606174713176744_299869312322109440_nOn April 10th Belizeans from across the country will head to the polls to vote on whether we should take Guatemala’s claim to the international court of justice for final resolution. While many Belizeans remain undecided on the matter, today the Government of Belize announced that in its meeting held earlier today Cabinet unanimously reaffirmed its position that a ‘Yes’ vote in the April 10th Referendum in support of the International Court of Justice option is the right decision for Belize.

In May 2018, it was announced that the official position of the Cabinet was that a ‘Yes’ vote ought to be recommended to the people of Belize without prejudice to individual members of Cabinet reserving their right to disagree.

According to a release issued earlier today GOB adds and we quote “All members of Cabinet are now fully convinced that Belize needs to take this matter to the ICJ and put an end to this unfounded claim once and for all with Belize’s full sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The ICJ is where Belize can secure the full and binding recognition of its borders with Guatemala as defined in the Constitution of Belize and based on the 1859 Boundary Treaty, according to GOB.

Cabinet also urges all Belizeans to become informed on why this is the best option for Belize to move forward in its national development, free of the burden and costs of Guatemala’s groundless claim.

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