noimageOn Friday morning Belizeans were awoken by the news that another drug plane had landed in the North of the Jewel. Since the report was never corroborated by authorities it was swept under the rug and simply remained as a rumour.

That is until Saturday morning when reports coming from Mexican media ‘Linea de Fuego Chetumal’ revealed that on the evening of Thursday May 31st, 2018 a drug plane believed to be from Columbia, unloaded a significant amount of drugs in the Rio Hondo River between the communities of La Union and Revolución, both located within the Othón P. Blanco municipality.

After unloading what is believed to have been parcels of cocaine, the plane took off and made a second stop… landing somewhere between Belizean and Mexican territory to load fuel before heading back to Columbia, according to the report.

Linea de Fuego Chetumal indicates that sometime around 6:30 on Thursday evening, the plane was reportedly seen flying over the Rio Hondo at a low altitude. Parcels of what is suspected to be cocaine were then thrown into the river. These parcels were then fished out of the water by several persons who were travelling in three separate boats.

Following the reports, Mexican authorities comprising of the Mexican Army, Navy and Federal Police implemented a security strategy to locate and secure the area. The military arrived at about 8:00 p.m. at la Union to conduct a patrol whilst the navy flew aircrafts over the communities. Elements of the Federal Police, on the other hand, were stationed at the junction of the village of Juan Sarabia within the same municipality to conduct a vehicular checkpoint. These searches reveled noting.

Whilst the Rio Hondo River marks the border between Belize and Mexico with an approximate length of 209 kilometers, it has been identified as the area where drug trafficking is currently being operated.

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