GSTToday the Department of General Sales Tax (DGST) issued a public notice alerting that the department has received reports of an individual or individuals who are deceiving the public by pretending to be GST officers. The department emphasized that when interacting with registered persons, all GST officers must present a GST identification card and further added that if individuals suspect that someone might be an imposter, they can feel free to call the office for confirmation.

In light of the reports that have been circulating, the department highlighted section 54 of the GST Act which indicates the following…. One, that the Commissioner may designate persons to be authorised persons for the purposes of this Act. Two, the Commissioner shall cause to be issued to each authorised person an authority in writing signed on behalf of the Commissioner. And three, an authorised person shall produce the authority issued to him under subsection (2) of this section whenever required to do so by a person in respect of whom he has exercised, or is about to exercise, any power conferred on him by this Act.”

The public (registered persons in particular) are asked to kindly report any suspicious interaction with individuals who claim to be GST officers.


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