moneyLast week we reported on a group of Belizeans who were arrested in El Salvador after they were caught with a large amount of money at an airport in that country.

Well tonight a report on the Salvadoran news outlet ‘La Pagina’ indicates that a judge in that jurisdiction ordered preventative detention for all individuals, which includes five Belizeans, who were detained last Thursday at the ‘Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero airport’ for transporting large amounts of undeclared money. According to the report, the individuals identified as Deymy Vanessa Rodríguez, Jessy Grabiel Ojeda, Marlon Alberto Valle and Lilian Racquel Salazar, all of Belizean nationality along with Guatemalan national Abraham Felipe; Claudia Patricia Orellana Bejarano of Honduran nationality and Rongcang Chen, who has both Belizean and Chinese nationality boarded a plane in Belize en-route Bogota Columbia making a stop in El Salvador. However, none of them declared having large amounts of cash in their possession when boarding the plane in Belize.

In total the seven individuals were carrying sixty-six thousand one hundred dollars as well as nine hundred and eighty-four Belizean dollars and a small amount of yen.

While all individuals claim to be tourists and carrying the money for personal expenses, authorities in El Salvador believe that the detainees work for criminal structures that are dedicated to drug trafficking which entails trying legally introducing money from drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and other illicit activities into different countries.

The report adds that a relative of Jessy Grabiel Ojeda contacted their news station stating that he owns a small shop in Belize and that the money he was carrying was to buy several bottles of wine.

All individuals will reportedly continue the judicial process in prison for danger of escape.

Belizean authorities are yet to comment on this matter.

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