bntuSince the start of 2018 there has undoubtedly been an increase in violent crimes in our country, most notably against women and children. In recent weeks there have been a number of cases of children losing their lives to gun violence and several others being sexually abused and in one case leading to death even.

These recent occurrences have prompted nationwide condemnation and calls for action, today the Belize National Teachers Union issued a press release stating that the Union is to take action against recent violence against women and most importantly children. In their release BNTU states and we quote “we strongly condemn these acts of violence and all on the government of Belize to spare no resource, both human and financial, to attack what seems to have become very regular occurrences. We Demand that our government immediately identifies and implements measures to ensure the safety and protection of our women and children.” Unquote

The release goes on to state that the council of management for the BNTU has met and discussed their concerns and therefore stands ready to take action to demonstrate their seriousness in ensuring appropriate measures are taken to secure the safety of our children.

Joining the BNTU in their call for action against violent crimes towards children today was, the Young Women’s Christian Association, the United Women’s group of the People’s United party and the Bar association. All entities join in their condemnation of violence against children especially as it relates to the most recent cases of gun violence and sexual abuse reported and join with the BNTU in calling for immediate action to be taken as a country to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable members of our society: our children.

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