bsiThe Belize Sugar Industries has conducted an internal investigation as it relates to the disposal of waste material found on the Chan Pine Ridge road, following several claims made by residents of the area who were alleging that the company is responsible for dumping what appears to be black soil on the edges of the main road which connects the village to Orange Walk Town.

Following the investigation, BSI has come to the conclusion that the material found on the Chan Pine Ridge road is not black soil, but waste material coming out from the filter press at the factory. Today we contacted BSI to inquire about the matter and were informed that the company employs a private contractor who is responsible for discarding the material and is also tasked with selecting a designated location to do so.

We were also told that while the waste material was intended to be disposed of at a dumpsite near the village, some of the substance reportedly fell out of the moving truck due to a broken tailgate. BSI has assured that they have met with the contractor to address the issue and as a result, the tailgate has already been mended. BSI further indicated to us that a technical team has also assessed the area and is working towards removing the remainder of waste material that has dried up on the road.

Viewers may recall that on Friday we reported of numerous complaints made by residents who indicated that as a result of the heavy rains experienced over the last two weekends… the material that was thrown in the area, reportedly ran off onto the road it became extremely moist and posed great danger to commuters who travel to town on their respective bicycles and motorcycles.

During that period two teachers who are employed at the Chan Pine Ridge Government School were travelling on a motorcycle to the village and reportedly fell off due to the condition of the road, sustaining minor injuries. Three other individuals are also said to have suffered from minor accidents while traveling on the road, this caused major alarm from other residents, prompting them to publicly speak on the matter.


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