There has been a spate of criminal activity recently in the Corozal District over the past two weeks. Today the Police authorities provided updates on their investigations into each incident.

We will start with the most recent, being the brazen daylight armed robbery of 28 year old Doris Montejo, an employee of the Western Union money transfer business located in downtown Corozal on 4th Avenue. According to the Police their investigations have led to the discovery of some items and the detention of persons, but so far there is nothing concrete.

CowoASP Alejandro Cowo - Belize Police Department

“Three persons have been detained, they have been dealt with by the police and they were released because of the little information that we have received but I know that they have recovered one of the purse belonging to the female and a cellphone in a neighborhood where the suspects live, but apparently we don’t have nothing direct to point that it was them that were involved so that matter is still being investigated.”


“The persons who were detained is it believe that they are related to the other robbers that you had indicated last week was a ring of persons committing crime in that area?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo - Belize Police Department

“No there are different persons from those ones that I mentioned last week.”


“Is there any indication that it might have been an inside job, I mean this woman was walking around with ten thousand dollars in her purse?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo - Belize Police Department

“Well, it is something that we are looking at all angles to determine what exactly was the motive and if there was anybody else behind the motive.”


“Was there any security cameras or security officers at the establishment that could determine something along the way?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo - Belize Police Department 


While you heard ASP Cowo deny the existence of security video, if you have been watching our newscasts, you will know that there is footage of the entire robbery from security cameras in the area. The footage we obtained shows the assailant approaching the employee upon being dropped off on 2nd Street South at 9:26 on Monday morning. Montejo says the robber showed her a gun around his pants waist and told her not to shout and to hand over the money, which in fear for her life, she did by handing over her purse.

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