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Screen_shot_2011-09-19_at_9.39.35_PMNine years ago the Banquitas House of Culture opened its doors to the Belizean public with the objective of promoting our history and culture. During those nine years of existence the institution can boast of a compact historical exhibit which focuses strictly on our northern culture consisting of pictures, stelae replicas, maps, and diagrams. In addition, the institution has through the years successfully initiated and carried through many activities promoting our culture.

Today, September 19th the institution celebrated its anniversary and a special exhibition was prepared for the public. Our news team stopped by this afternoon and filed the following report.

Yari Catzim-Reporting

Cindey Rivero - Banquitas House of Culture

“We prepared a very special exhibit this year to celebrate our ninth anniversary, sharing with the people our history and culture and so today we honored four heroes from Orange Walk which they have contributed greatly to our community those person are: Mr. Ignacio Vega, Mr. Nah, Oswald Patnett and Mr. Elito Urbina those were the four persons that we honored today.”

The collections on display belong to Uvaldemir Torres Sr. and Ruben Melendez.

Cindey Rivero- Banquitas House of Culture

We have some clothing from one of our own heroes Mr. Nah or what he wore when he was contributing largely to our community and the coin collections are very interesting and they are only from Belize. We have a very important antique the typewriter that Mr. Ruben Melendez brought for us to exhibit and I must mention that the typewriter is still working and everyone enjoyed looking at the old, old typewriter that they use to use back then.”

Yari Catzim-Reporter

“I understand that the days back before the Second World War.”

Cindey Rivero- Banquitas House of Culture

“Yes, the typewriter was made before the Second World War and it is very, very old and it is still working till today.”

The Belize Coin and Bill Collection belonging to Uvaldemir Torres Sr. consist of coins that span more than a century.

The one cent portion has coins dating from 1885 from the era of Queen Victoria, to the era of King and Emperor of India George the sixth, to the era of King Edward the seventh, to lastly the modern coins bearing the name of Queen Elizabeth the second.

In the collection he has also included these special coins; this silver one in particular represents the 200th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye, while this one was brought out in 1985 to commemorate the Royal Visit. This other coin is a special edition commemorating the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas.

Rivero told us that apart from the special exhibition the Banquitas House of Culture has much to offer visitors.

Cindey Rivero - Banquitas House of Culture

“The Banquitas House of Culture is here to promote our culture and history and we are always doing different activities that educate our students as well as our public about our history and as you can see we try to promote antiques and history, we try to promote our heroes and many other activities that we do back here. Banquitas in a whole is a place where you could celebrate our culture; know about our history and a lot of things apart from that. We do have a few pictures of our queens back then so pictures you could see, we also have from the Lamanai ruin and from the Cuello Site as well, two very important ruins here in Orange Walk, we also have stelas and a little bit of information of our Independence, of our church, sugar which is very important here in Orange Walk and the river, boats and the Mahogany and many other things so hat is all information with pictures that you can come out and see here.” 

Everyone is invited to stop by to take a look as the exhibition will be opened until the end of the week.

During this morning’s ceremony the Banquitas House of Culture also gave special recognition to persons singled out for their achievements in the community.

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