Screen_Shot_2017-04-03_at_8.09.20_PMYesterday the new prices for various commodities in the market came into effect following the enforcement of the 2017-2018 Budget where the Government of Belize legislated an increase in excise levies for certain products.  Beer, stout and soft drinks are in the list of products that were hit with the increase, among several others.

Bowen and Bowen limited has confirmed the new set prices for these products, clarifying that only certain of their products witnessed an increase of four dollars per crate or twenty five cents in retail price.

The new prices and list of products affected by the increase are as follows: The one-dollar twelve-ounce bottle increased from seventeen dollars and fifty five cents per crate to twenty two dollars and ninety five cents and now sells in retail for one dollar and twenty five cents, while the larger half liter bottle increased from one dollar and twenty five cents retail to one dollar and fifty cents as the case went from twenty two dollars and ninety five cents to twenty eighty dollars and thirty five cents.

The 600ml plastic bottle went from retailing for two dollars to two dollars and twenty five cents as the crate went from thirty six dollars and thirty cents to thirty nine dollars and fifteen cents. The newest size bottled by Bowen, the one and a half liter went from four dollars to four dollars and fifty cents.

Now moving on to beer and stout which were the only two beer products which saw an increase. Both products went from forty nine dollars and ninety five cents per crate to fifty four dollars and now sells in retail for two dollars and seventy five cents.

Bowen representatives encourage store owners to adhere to new standard prices.

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