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On December 13th 2010 Orlando Burns was elected as the U.D.P. standard bearer for Orange Walk East. Burns campaigned under the motto In Landy We Trust” but according a family from the Village of Chan Pine Ridge, trust isnt a word which should be used in the same sentence as Landy Burns.

According to Damian Tzul, sometime in the month of January his father Amador Tzul approached Burns and offered to sell him some logwood for $1.00 per foot. Burns agreed and after the Tzul family obtained the proper license 1,100 feet of logwood was delivered to Burns sawmill.

You might be thinking that Amador Tzul got paid and thats the end of the story, right? Well thats not what happened. In fact Damian Tzul says Burns had a change of heart and would not pay the agreed price.

tzulDamian Tzul- Alleges Victimization

“After the logs being transported to Mr. Landy Burns sawmill, he told my dad, being a senior citizen, eighty years old, he told my dad “listen I will not pay you the dollar that I promised or agreed with you but I no dih pay you seventy five cents a foot. Since we need to pay off the workers, the five persons that we hired, my dad agreed to that payment so he paid my dad and the following month, before Easter holidays, I personally approach Mr. Landy burns at his office and I told him that if he is interested in another trip of log because it’s close to Easter and the workers need some finance we were selling some logs to the Mennonite community but through financial crisis the Mennonites were taking it for credit so we needed to sell that trip, so I went and he told me to bring and I will pay you eighty cents a foot.”

The logwood, this time 1,000 feet, was delivered to the sawmill but Burns was once again reluctant to pay the agreed price.

Damian Tzul- Alleges Victimization

“‘When I went to collect the trip, the money, he told me listen “I told you to bring it but I am not compromising myself” to which I don’t understood what he meant by that, however, Easter pass and I had to take out money from my pocket to pay off the workers. The following week after Easter my little brother went and spoke with Mr. Orlando Burns, where he stated to him if I Damian Tzul transfer ownership of the logs to my little brother name, then he would negotiate with him. I went on and did it because we needed the money to pay off the workers. Mr. Burns is playing with the butter and cheese of those workers, when my little brother went to re-negotiate with him, he told him listen, and I will pay you sixty cents a foot if you want and if you don’t want then take care it.”

With no other option, the family agreed to sell the hardwood at 60 cents per foot. But when Damian Tzuls younger brother went to collect the $600.00 payment due, Burns allegedly only paid him $200.00.

Damian Tzul- Alleges Victimization

“Mr. Burns came and told my little brother listens, I am going to discount two hundred dollars from this six hundred dollars to which I gave your Brother Damian Tzuls’ wife for the process of nationality her nationality on the month of October, whilst he was on campaign trail for the convention of December. I could recall that for that month of October, when he visited us I told him personally, well Mr. Burns, my wife just get her nationality we have already paid three hundred dollars here is the receipt he told us voluntarily that he is going to assist my wife with the two hundred dollars for a nationality in condition that she supports him for the convention. We told him ok but at the end of the day, my wife was out of the country so she never voted but I personally went and worked for Mr. Denny Grijalba as a Scrutinizer, he saw me there working for Denny and I do believe that all this issue of victimization is that same issue that I supported Denny.”

Tzul says the family is now planning to take legal action.

Damian Tzul- Alleges Victimization

“Up to right now he has only paid my little brother two hundred dollars in total for the logs. What we are contemplating is that I have sat down with my family and we are seeing this issue to take it to the next level and sue him through the court, take a civil suit and take him in front of the magistrate. Is not the amount of money but the way he is acting, his attitude, his character he is a man of no principles and I think that this is the kind of representation that the UDP party is looking for the people of the east, no way, we cannot support a man like him because if he is doing this to a lower class of people how you think if ever he gets elected and have power as a minister it is going to get worst.”

This is coming from a man whose family is known as strong supporters of the U.D.P. But Tzul says enough is enough and the people of Orange Walk East need to know the real Landy Burns.

Damian Tzul- Alleges Victimization

“Our family has supported the party from the time of NIP and now UDP from years ago. I personally was the local campaign manager at Chan Pine Ridge for Marcel Cardona and it was the first time in history that the UDP won at Chan Pine Ridge with Marcel Cardona, first time, however, with all this issue and with this wannah be U.D.P Minister, Mr. Orlando Burns I personally as I mention will not support him, my family, my extended family, friends and persons that I have influence, I will make sure that he would not be supported by them. Personally I do believe that we have the doctor, Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez as the standard bearer for the Orange Walk East constituency and there is no other alternative to me personally and my family to support the doctor because I think he have a more better character, more intelligent person he is a person with charisma that he could deal with people now if Mr. Landy Burns is doing this to my family and he know very good who we are then he suppose to know better.”

Of note is that right after the convention took place on December 12th Damian Tzul, who was working at Youth for the Future, was terminated from his post as Youth Empowerment Coordinator. He believes that that his termination was also manipulated by Burns since the Tzul family did not support him for the convention.

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+2 #4 Nomad 2011-05-17 13:59
I Believe that a man who act in such a manner, he has no vision for the people and for his country. He as a Supposedly educated Man of his word should know better that the transaction should be in black and white.........
-1 #3 LOS POBRES 2011-05-16 16:56
+2 #2 maria queme 2011-05-15 23:32
#1 Justice 2011-05-15 16:30
Policians make good money from this country with lies and broken promises. :sad: being like this in the past,present and future the system is just broken.

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