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  • OWTC Awarded For Leading A Child Friendly Municipality

    Tuesday, 26 November 2019 02:03
  • More Than 20 Thousand Dollars Of Scratch And Win Proceeds Robbed From Orange Walkeno

    Tuesday, 26 November 2019 02:08
  • Argument Leads To Shots Fired In The Village Of Carmelita

    Tuesday, 26 November 2019 02:12
  • 15 Year Old Trial Farm Resident Awarded By UNICEF

    Tuesday, 26 November 2019 02:13
  • Ambassadors Present Credentials To GG

    Tuesday, 26 November 2019 02:16

Last week a press release from the Football Federation of Belize carried the surprising news that the FFB as we know it is looking to hang up its hat. But dont get excited just yet. What is actually being proposed, according to the release, is the formation of a new league which will include all top players and teams in the entire country. Today we spoke to Alex Palacio, the Chairman of Orange Walks Football Association and a member of the National Sporting Committee. He gave us the background for this move by the FFB, in a nutshell.

alexAlex Palacio National Sporting Committee

“Government has been trying to get into the affairs of the FFB. The FFB is an independent body as you heard said Blatter from FIFA said the other day, of course we are willing to work with the government and we have always shown that good gesture to work with them, we have done all what they have asked us to do, we have set our records that they asked us to do that is the incentive. We have been investigated since last year right before December election of Dr. Bertie Chimilio, our President, and ever since we were told that we were investigated and there should be a report by the twenty-eight of January. We are now way coming to the end of May and so far there has been no such report. Right after the visit of the President of FIFA, Blatter, and the fields have been closed to us. We have two present tournaments going on, our games will be played and we are still trying to work out the logistic with the government and we don’t know what is there positions are because we have done all what we were supposed to do, we are just waiting to see what they will do but in the meantime we also have a backup plan because football need to play and football will always play in Belize.”

According to Palacio, they have fulfilled all requirements and the FFB sent in its registration before Easter, but there has been no response. That means that all government controlled fields are locked down, and we asked Palacio how the FFB is dealing with the sanction by GOB.

Alex Palacio National Sporting Committee

“All the government operates these fields; in Orange Walk we have the Peoples’ Stadium, Corozal Ricalde, Cayo Norman Broaster, Belize City MCC, Dangriga Karl Ramos, Toledo Indian field. In Belize we have a lot of good people, alright and who love football and they want to see football play so presently our female games will be played at Louisiana Football Field in Orange Walk. In all the different districts where we have a tournament the village council offered the field. With regards to the closing of the football field it is unfortunate in the event of Cayo about three weeks ago we had a Mundialito Tournament and the field was denied to the children. We need to realize that these fields are the property of the government and the people of Belize and the footballers of this country should not be denied to use the football fields they are for the people.”

And that brings us to the new league which has been proposed.

Alex Palacio National Sporting Committee

“We have been in negations with the Super League, the BPFL, Belize Bank and other stake holders so that we can try to create a top league in Belize. The name is still hanging in the air. We had meeting on Saturday the manager of the BPFL was there and the committee and we had six teams from the Super League. In all we had about 24 teams that want to play in the Top League. We are providing the teams with jerseys, footballs, transportations, and we are paying all the officials and we are also working on some other logistics to make this league a reality which we want to start in the middle of July.”

Palacio claims that the response from all stakeholders in football has been positive.

Alex Palacio National Sporting Committee

“For the first time in history we had all these leagues together, it was very excited the teams were all enthusiastic, the managers were also excited. It looks very good for us we are sure that it is going to start in July and the teams will play very good. The structure well it is going to be a structured football the teams must have their coaches, a committee, physiotherapist and everything that a professional team has.”

Well continue following these developments in football and will keep all you fans and observers updated.

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#1 Ow Resident 2011-05-11 22:15
I Hope that this is a turn for the good. Football has not been going anywhere in Belize. i hope that FFB start spending the monies in the right places.

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