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As we head into the Easter season, Christianity is in the spotlight as the many faithful across the country hold their religious traditions close to heart and mind. But with all that said and done, the fact is that the faith which holds people together is under attack and to use religious terminology, more of the flock seems to be straying every day. Today two pastors from Orange Walk visited our studios and told us that they have noticed the trend even in their own congregations.

pastorPastor Frank Lino- Orange Walk Baptist Church

“You are perfectly right and hence the reason we as a church as believer we are urgent for us as Christians to come together and pray and ask God to forgive us and then he will heal our land. We are in serious problems financially and spiritually. That’s true i think all the churches without exception are going through some hard and difficult time right now, you know the situation with response of people h coming to church is not out there, people do not wanting to do anything with the Lord anyway, not wanting to read his word, not wanting to pray and unless we come to that point and realize Lord forgive us he won’t be receive any forgiveness and therefore you will continue living your live as you please and that was never God intension for us over here.”

We asked both men of God what they perceived as the reasons behind the problems facing their congregations and our communities today.

Pastor Frank Lino- Orange Walk Baptist Church

“The Bible rightfully declares is just you know, in the last days men heart will grow cold and will turn from God and want to do things that are not pleasing and so it just a fulfillment of the prophecies that the Bible have but yet in the mist of all those we as Christians we know that God is with us and God is for us and there is a way out there is hope there is hope for this nation. think one of the things we are seeing everyday is increase in crime, increase in everything that is bad is happening to our country and if we do not seek the Lord, we do not seek his guidance, his direction his wisdom ,you know what this country is going from bad to worst and nothing will be done.”

But is Christianity today all about preaching from the pulpits and looking at the real issues from a lofty status? We asked both men if the Church has taken a hands on role in the problems which are crippling society.

Pastor Frank Lino- Orange Walk Baptist Church

“If we as Christians we stand up for what is right we believe with what is right but we also we are doing our part in terms our doors are always open but we also go in the community in terms of meeting with people we our young people we go out weekends and we do community projects and so the church is always there and any organization fell free to call us whenever you need us well be there for you. I think what Jose frank has said though, I believe that we need to get more involved with people especial the youth I think we need to attract them do something that will attract them and will keep them because you know what the youth come to church know and again and it seem that we cannot keep them there somehow we are failing in certain areas unless we find that which will hold them and keep them in church and let them grow spiritually you know we’ll be losing our youth so there I believe there is a lot for us to do as yet we have gone a long where we have been doing a lot of things but there is much more to be done”

And of course, both men left us with a message for the faithful, and perhaps especially for those who will be faithful only this Easter weekend.

Pastor Frank Lino- Orange Walk Baptist Church

“I would like to say to the general public at large that the word of God right fully says that without him we can’t do nothing let us not wait on these certain occasions to see the church but at a always a so i want to say to them you are welcome if you are here Orange Walk in you live in Orange Walk and you speak English and you are looking for a place of worship you are welcome at Orange Walk Baptist church on Corozal street we will be meeting this weekend we will be having three powerful nights of revival we are partnership with doctor Paul Jones from Florida ,Miami he is a Belizean how will be preaching for us on those three night so again we want to say welcome and God bless you have a enjoy happy Easter. Certainly there are things we need to do to tell people but most importantly is that the bible says in roman 3-23 all have sin and fall short of the glory of God in other words sin is the big problem sin has been the down fall of man from the very beginning but you know what there is hope there is hope our only hope is in Christ Jesus who died rose again from the dead and he now sits at the right hand of God interceding for you and I for the entire world you know I believe that it is time to leave the old habits the things that will keep us away from the lord and lets us start to walk with the lord let us start live our lives please there lord you know someone said i could live my life how I feel like. I don’t know that that is what we were intended to be here on earth, I know that God whatever God does has a purpose and our purpose is not to live the way we want to live but it is the way he wants us to live you know the message there is hope for everybody let us come with the lord he is and he has the answer for every one of us.”

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