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guzmanWhile civilian residents prepare to celebrate the Easter weekend in a variety of ways, Police officers wont have that luxury since they will be hard at work keeping us safe and our possessions secure. As the Corozal Police Department gears up for an intensified weekend, officers are set to implement a safety plan which goes into effect today. Today via phone we spoke to Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Department Superintendent Miguel Guzman.

Supt. Miguel Guzman- O.C. Czl. Police

“Normally, in this time of the year because of the Easter festivities or the people who are celebrating and will be going out to the different district or at the different places we advice them one to drive carefully don’t drink and drive , people who are leaving home ensure that if your neighbor is staying around that you inform your neighbor so that you don’t become a victim of a burglary because you know, likewise sometime when people leave their home, although they leave their home secured they don’t inform their neighbor and so and so , we all advice to secure your home properly advice your neighbor or inform your neighbor that you will be leaving your home and advice when you will be returning, normally i ask them to leave on a radio or a television inside the house and leave some lights on so that in the event anybody by chance believe nobody is in the house they would hear some kind of noise inside the house .”

For those with water activities on the agenda, Guzman sends out a special word of caution. And of course, for those who plan to take a few, or a few too many drinks this weekend, the Police warn that they will be extra vigilant.

Supt. Miguel Guzman- OC Czl Police

“On another note too I want to advice the public that whenever they go to the places to the beach go on swimming that be careful out there we don’t want anybody to drown out there ,of course, we will be intensifying our vehicle check points, we will also be increasing our patrol on the streets and in the places where different event will be taking place but certainly we will be increasing our police presence in certain areas.”

And since specific areas in the Corozal District like Sarteneja and Progresso will have a lot of visitors this weekend, you can expect to see a beefed up Police presence in those areas.

Supt. Miguel Guzman- OC Czl Police

“The main areas where we will see an increase of police presence is in Sarteneja. Sarteneja I think will be having two or three days festivities and Progresso I understand Progresso Village will also will be having some kind of activities so certainly we will be reinforcing a resident police office out there and of course the routing security which is the Corozal police station and the border for those people who will be crossing the border, this is the areas basically we will be intensifying our check points and our police presence to ensure that people don’t be driving under the influence of alcohol and also to advice them to be safe on the highways.”

And from Corozal we moved to Orange Walk, where the situation this weekend will be much the same. Like his counterpart in Corozal, Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette has drafted a special plan for this weekend.

josephSr. Supt. Joseph Myvette OC OWPD

“What we’ve done is that we have spoken to some of the neighborhood watch group firstly, we know that people will leave their home unattended, we will increase patrol we are urging those neighbor who know that your neighbor is not at home, to call the police if you see something suspicious, that’s one and then we are certainly increase patrol, as you know, this is not a time for officers to rest this is a time for us to be out there working so we will be out there working throughout the holidays each and every police officer.”

And while wishing all residents a safe and happy Easter, Myvette also took the opportunity to advise caution and to issue a warning to those who plan to get just a little too happy.

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette OC OWPD

“I would want to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a happy and safe Easter, from a policing stand point we are certainly be going to be policing our roads especially those leading to the water ways, we are hoping that those uses our waterways use it sensibly, if you are going to be drinking ensure that someone sober is overlooking those who are in the water as you know over previous years we have had cases of drowning, we will also be increasing our highway patrols targeting drunk drivers and we are urging those who drink not to drive and if you are going to drive don’t drink in order that we know that your family need you and we are trying our outmost best to prevent fatalities on our highways throughout this season.”

The Commanding Officer also took the opportunity to send a message to the officers under his command.

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette OC OWPD

‘To my officers I also take this opportunity to wish them and their families a happy and safe Easter. As officers are fully aware that this is a time not for us to celebrate however they will not be working twenty-four hours so they should be able to have some time with their families and at the end of this period when this is all done they will be compensated for the time they’ve worked over the Easter holidays.”

We add our thanks to the men and women in uniform working hard to keep us safe this weekend - and also our wishes for a safe Easter.

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