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    Thursday, 07 November 2019 02:13
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festival_part2-3While the morning was allocated to the best, brightest and most talented from the rural areas of the district, this afternoon primary schools from the Orange Walk District had their time to shine, and shine they did. This afternoon’s Festival of Arts was a celebration of talent and expression and frankly, we were amazed by the performances we saw. We wish we could have stayed longer and brought you more, but here’s just a sample of a truly exceptional afternoon.

Mike Rudon- Reporting

Nazira Romero – Principal, Trial Farm School

“It makes me feel very good for our school and it shows that the teachers work has paid off. The teachers put in a lot of time weekend they use to train the children and after school they also trained. It shows that what they have learnt at the workshops they are now putting it into practice.”

carlaCarla Alvarez – District Education Manager

“Well I am excited like you are and I am enjoying it just like you are. I must commend the teachers who work very hard with the students in fact the teachers receive training, every term they receive training and I think that the training is showing. The children are performing and they are doing wonderful, they have the support of the parents and it is a wonderful initiative.”

Lucio Alcoser Sr. – Gold Certificate for Music, Louisiana

“Well it is lots of work we had the boys and girls practicing I would say maybe about eight months ago and every day we are there after school at 5:30pm we are practicing so I have to congratulate and give thanks to all the boys and girls and the parents that have supported this event.”


Mike Rudon- Reporter

“How many in your group did the presentation?”


Lucio Alcoser Sr. – Gold Certificate for Music, Louisianamr_lucio

“We have about 15 people.”


Mike Rudon- Reporter

I notice you have two of your performers with you can you give us your?”


Joel Garcia- Student

“I am Joel Garcia.”


Mike Rudon- Reporter

Did you enjoy the music that you performed on stage?”


Joel Garcia- Student



Mike Rudon- Reporter

Does it make you want to do music in the future?”


Joel Garcia- Student

Yes sometimes I get a little nervous I want to say thanks to my father my family and all the musicians I am really, really happy.”

Mike Rudon- Reporter

“What’s your name?”


Ginelkie Gongora- Student

“My name is Ginelkie Gongora .”


Mike Rudon- Reporterfestival

How much do you like the music that you performed?”


Ginelkie Gongora- Student

“Well I like it a lot and I really think I want to be a musician when I grow up just like Mr.Lucio.”


Mike Rudon- Reporter

“What part of the music would you like to do when you are older?’

Ginelkie Gongora- Student

“The keyboard.”


Mike Rudon- Reporter

“How do you all feel to know that you all did basically the best here in terms of music and that there is nobody here who can match the type of music that you all do?”


“Very Good.”






“Good sir.”


Mike Rudon- Reporter

How do you feel knowing that you all are basically the best in terms of the music here?”






“I feel great.”



“I feel great sir.”

naziraNazira Romero – Gold Certificate for Dances, Trial Farm (first insert)

“You know that not everybody is gifted to go and perform but these children some of them are not doing so well in school but this is their talent so this is where they are shining. So this will boost their confidence and I am sure that come third term they will feel much better to do their work at school and they are examples of what children at Trail Farm Government School can do.”

Carla Alvarez – District Education Manager

“I think it helps to build the sense of confidence in the students because we know that not all students are academically inclined and so there are different ways that students can express themselves especially through the expressive arts.”

Nazira Romero – Gold Certificate for Dances, Trial Farm (third insert)

“I would just like to say hats off to all the staff of Trial Farm thank you for putting in extra hours and for the parents of Trial Farm School who allowed their children to perform I would like to say thank you very much.”

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