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countdownOn Sunday, the political constituency of Corozal Bay will be buzzing with activity as four dynamic candidates offer themselves as PUP standard bearers in the area.

Last week we spoke to all four and they told us all about the many concerns being voiced by residents on the campaign trail who are disgruntled with the current administration.  With four days to go before the big day, our news team headed north once again and found Leonardo ‘Nayo’ Folgarait and Anwar Charaf putting in some serious last minute groundwork.

With only a few days left to go before residents of Corozal Bay chose a PUP standard bearer to represent them, political aspirants in the area are dotting all their I’s and crossing all their T’s; putting in all those final hours going house to house greeting residents, carrying babies, pressing hands, making commitments of service, giving assurances.  The clock is ticking and at this point it’s all about making sure that everything is in place for convention day.

We asked both candidates to take some time from the hectic campaign to make a final pitch and call for support from voters in Corozal Bay.

Leonardo ‘Nayo’ Folgarait

“I believe that the people of Corozal definitely appreciate the good work that we have been doing over the past three years. Most people can attest to all the activities, in particular all of the social activities that we have done for the town in relation to the cleaning up of Corozal just before Christmas last year; the wetting of the streets during the peak of the dry when we had a lot of dust affecting our children; other activities like Miss Corozal Bahia which has been conducted for two years now – very effective…and of course sports for our very young children and we have been doing plenty other things like food baskets for the poor, the unprivileged and other things that we have been doing over the course of the past three years.” 

Anwar Sharaf

“I feel very good. We have walked most of the town. I think we have a couple streets left. The support out there seems to be very good for my candidacy and we’re looking forward to Sunday. We have done the work and we are finishing the logistics right now. I think that people are taking the message that I have taken them along with my campaign team about serving the people of Corozal. I am a new face of the PUP and I think I am the person that can beat the UDP in the upcoming general elections and I have that edge over the other candidates. I am a new candidate.”

And of course, each candidate took the opportunity to send out a call for PUP supporters to attend the convention and exercise their right to vote.

Leonardo ‘Nayo’ Folgarait

“We’ve got just about four days from now until the convention. It is important for all our people to come out and cast their votes. We have seen all the suffering – our neighbours, our families and most people who we know around this town have been suffering one way or the other under this oppressive government. That’s the reason why it is important for everyone to come out on Sunday, January 30th and cast their votes for Mr. Nayo because I have not only the vision but the true plans to take us out of all the problems that we are facing economically.”

Anwar Sharaf

“The message I’ve been carrying along is that I’m inviting everybody to come out. I’m a candidate; I have been campaigning on behalf of myself with my team. I’m asking them to come out. They have a right to vote and they should come out and exercise that right. If they don’t think that I am the candidate then there are three other candidates. Look at the list carefully and vote for the candidate who you feel will be able to beat the UDP candidate here in Corozal.”

But even in these final days of heavy campaigning when so much is on the line and tensions are high, none of the candidates has lost sight of the fact that they are all members of the People’s United Party and in the end, the real opponent is the UDP.

Leonardo ‘Nayo’ Folgarait

“After this convention, whatever the outcome may be, it is important that we all unite. Unity is foremost important because the true enemy is the United Democratic Party and after this convention we will need to hold hands and unite our party so that we are able to win the elections for the Bay division and for the next government so that we are able to help our people and our country.”

And after those brief words, both candidates carried on, spurred by the realization that the convention is only four days away and time is short.

Tomorrow we’ll talk to the other candidates offering themselves in Corozal Bay and give them the opportunity to make their final pitch before Sunday.

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