plIt is expected that in 10 days Guatemala will be holding their referendum to decide whether or not to take their claim over Belize to the International Court of Justice, and all indications are that the campaign for a yes vote is heating up.

The Government of Guatemala led by President Jimmy Morales has become so self-invested in the process so much that President Morales, Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel and other ministers have engaged in a tour of rural areas, lobbying to residents to come out and vote in support of the referendum.

A report in Guatemala’s Prensa Libre newspaper quotes Morales’ response to questions about the claim, saying that Guatemala claims “all of Belize” and that he regrets that previous leaders had failed to pursue the issue.

While the Morales Government pushes towards April 15th date, other sectors of Guatemalan society have also engaged. We took note of an event in Guatemala that involves using theatre and music to tell Guatemalans of the story of their claim.

Guatemalan writer Douglas González Dubo has debuted a music theatrical entitled “Good Bye Belize” which is being featured at theatres in Guatemala City.

While Guatemala is moving ahead to their referendum date, officials in Belize appear to have shifted focus after having started an education campaign several months ago.

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